Monday, May 9, 2011

Shark platoon soldier

Not to be confused with street sharks, sewer sharks, or that one shark guy from savage dragon.
digital piece for school.  mosty complete, needs some tweaks and fine detail.

Pictured is a no name soldier created by the advance weapons research branch of WEX defense inc, and the rest of his platoon. He is a frankensteinesque/moreauvian EX human/animal hybrid, where the body of a dead soldier (with consent form signed under duress no doubt) resurrected with the dreaded blue plague, a semi sentient type of engineered super cancer that can actually serve to keep subjects alive and heal wounds, and enable grafting wildly different types of previously living animal tissue in ways that would be impossible otherwise. Brain function is hampered, the subject reduced to a mere dribbling zombie, but combat ready status is achieved thru direct remote control of the lizard brain and nervous system, biological perception/awareness aided by external sensors.
The glowing red harness is the delivery system for the drugs and nano bots that course thru the blood and keep the blue plague from over metastasizing and clogging arteries.

"Blue infantry volunteer reservists" as they are called, are disposable cannon fodder. Slow, dumb and stumbling. But they are fearless, carry big guns and HEY SHARK FOR HEAD. He could be squad leader maybe. No doubt the graft would be a tricky thing to do, requiring care and many lost test cases, but maybe he could have cool EM sensors in his nose and still have access to some of that underwater killer instinct. The feasibility of adapting a shark to become a tool-using land predator seems remote but probably well worth the expense in terms of fear factor.

Other blue plague variants can be seen in background. Soldiers with heavy damage, including brain trauma fight on. Extra eyes / sensory apparatus give added advantage. scaly armor, razor teeth, extra limbs? who knows.... Ill have to do more at some point.

NOTE that blue plague experimentation is strictly forbidden under international law and officially the Wex and its subsidiaries denies any current work in these fields, furthermore the existence of such soldiers, operational or no, would be swiftly denied and any witnesses coerced or dispatched. Their illegal use would no doubt be confined to far reach fringe border towns, or within blue plague infected areas or contamination zones.

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