Saturday, November 13, 2010

Kate as child soldier

Here is another possible cover for an issue, in pencils.
Depicted is Kate as a young girl (age 12-13) in her Wex juvenile armor, her small rifle bolted to her back. Her armor is her cage, worn for days on end, with perhaps a few hours of escape a week. It is covered in the blood, sweat, tears, urine, vomit and feces of an entire platoon of child soldiers with whom she fights, and has an explosive collar to deter dissent or desertion. The long shadow she casts is of her future self, decades older and infinitely wiser an braver. Idea blatantly stolen from star wars ep. 1 poster

K+C cover - Orbcity

This is a cover for a potential Issue. I toyed with "Tales from Archban", but in the end. "tales from a grey earth" just seemed to fit.
This was traced over the original and inked in marker.
Here is the original in light blue. Im going to take this one in another direction, with more detail and different tone, as soon as I get around to it.

Kate stands watch over the city of Cadfael North, with DMR and hockey bag of goodies. Caillo sits idly and rolls a Joint, with her rifle by her side. Kate = Business,  Caillo = lazy. The orb looks unfortunately like a moon hovering over the city.  In actuality it is a giant, defunct energy transfer node, or some such shit. Whatever. Now its just a huge ball that threatens to roll off and crush the city built under it that saps energy from its old, silent, long running power core.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Caillo sketch

A rough character sheet for Caillo, a test for the "caillo is trouble" sequence.
Skub is the brand name of a fictional product stolen shamelessly from the perry bible fellowship.
Other contenders for her t-shirt caption were "weyland yutani corporation" or "TDTF"

Kate Character sheet sketches

A few sketches of Kate. First, a general shot of her in combat dress. Nothing fancy, just day to day stuff. Included is a rough approximation on what I feel her minimum loadout should be - that is to say the least amount of guns she's likely to have on her person on any given day. This needs to be paired down somewhat, but I find trimming the list difficult. I feel she should be prepared for anything, and enough weapons to engage a wide variety of targets, from unarmored infantry to heavy combat borgs.

Secondly, some rough sketches as an attempt to redesign Kate's webbing harness to make it more streamlined and less visible. This is a task I periodically undertake in an effort to make her attire more realistic while keeping it simple to render. I cant seem to come up with an improved design so I return to the original one. In a perfect world her harness (incl. belt and thigh holsters) would hold all seven of her primary pistols, some spare mags, a knife or 2, her comm dongle (hi tech walkie)  and maybe a few light grenades - while not being too bulky to either wear or draw, and look something like what Brando would have worn in the wild one.

Thirdly a boring shot of her with a rifle, with an awkward stance and an even worse kneeling/shooting pose. slightly different harness config with a cross buckle below the breast instead of above. Also pictured is Kate's custom Israel OCP and her Rooney close support weapon.

Onglau's workshop

Onglau is a cyberneticist, medical tech, inventor, armorer and tinkerer. He is ancient and wise, and once, long ago, incurred a debt to a powerful man. He now swears an oath of fealty to this man, and now devotes his life to it. His master is the mercenary Lord Martepperhaupson, and he serves as his private body engineer. More on Onglau and Martepper later. Rough sketch panels done mainly for fun and to illustrate central, circular and diamond composition for D&C class.

Duel at the dead titan

Sketch of Kate and a cyborg knight preparing to do battle at the corpse of a long dead war titan.  For D&C illustrating the bridge composition.

Kate with Axa

Kate the Black fights Axa, the god of death. Axa is a kindred like Kate, one who has been driven mad by his own immortality and increasing inhumanity. They meet in a cave burrowed by Axa himself, in which he hides and recovers from injuries sustained during battle.  His body form is altered to suit his inner psyche, and to meet self defense / survival needs. Kate, like Axa, can (either subtly or drastically) alter her own bodytype to meet certain combat criteria, like increasing muscle mass, bulk or blood flow to certain areas, hardening her skin and increasing bone density, or slimming down her frame, streamlining her body for speed or flexibility. This does not explain her poorly rendered/overly foreshortened left leg, which is both freakish and regrettable.
pictured with her trusty Izzy Officer's combat pistol, and her ubiquitous Stilman heavy revolver on her back.
Drawing done as a study of warm and cold colours for D&C.

Kate reload

Kate the black, in mid mag swap. Seen here using a generic knock off (probably field equipped) of a Wex Mark  7.1 series frontier rifle. (and various misc sidearms.) Taken from D&C sketchbook as example of diagonal layout.

Sharp sketch

Sharp of the Twelve, reclining after engagement. Taken from design and composition sketchbook as an example of L shape design. Pictured here in generic Wex inc. MeHeavy armor and with a custom breechloading 30mm pulse grenade launcher.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

1 km west of town

Here is a one shot single page story, a minute or so in the life or Arus of the Twelve. Here he is taking position outside a town and surveying the scene. No dialogue or exposition required, I figure. More on him later.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Caillo is trouble complete

the finished 4 panels.

maybe ill do some more work at some point...

looks done to me.

Caillo is trouble 4

In which Caillo scares the shit out of the three remaining thugs at the card table. Last panel - action resolved. slams down her (stolen) straight. Shes right to be cocky, after how easily she dealt with the big guy,  but its possible someone has a better hand than her. For the sake of the story, lets say she wins.

In this short story I sought to illustrate a bit of completely gratuitous violence. I think it lends a certain quirky charm to her character. My initial idea was something even more random, her accosting someone on the street. I tried to picture something moebius's Arzack might do, and leave everyone wondering why.

Caillo is trouble 2 with tone

panel 2 with some tone added.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Caillo is trouble 3

Panel 3 sees more use of inks and contrast, and the brief but predictable action.

Caillo is trouble 1 with tone

Panel 1 again, this time with some more hatching in pen, and layers of tone added in PS.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Caillo is trouble 2

Page 2 of Caillo's vignette.
We see Caillo scan the room, locate surly, menacing, yet generic bad guys, and approach.
Tone to be added eventually.

Kate field strip

This is Kate, another denizen of my world, the city/state of Archban. She is also an infectee of the K virus, and has adopted the role of older sister/mentor to Caillo. Kate and Caillo are the two main protagonists of the story (which exists largely in my head) that I have been creating (and occasionally writing) since the mid nineties.
Kate's profession, if it can be called that, is a wasteland wanderer, vagabond explorer, occasional bounty hunter, and guerrilla freedom fighter. She makes it her mission in life to destroy the entity that is the Wexray corporation, and its political body, the Great Western Empire.

She is seen here tending to the tools of her trade, stripping and cleaning an intermediate caliber assault rifle.

Caillo is trouble 1

This first real post is a work in progress of my current school assignment for cinematic story development, by the legendary Ken Steacy, in which I tell a very short story in 4 (or so) pages.

I chose a minute or so in the life of one of my characters, Caillo Deveraux. Caillo is a young (at heart), brash, reckless and impulsive child who is prone to violence, outbursts, swearing, drinking, and is increasingly resentful that her girlhood dream of becoming a princess was ended when she was infected with a sentient synthetic nanotech self propagating symbiotic organism called the K virus. She often expresses her resentment by entering shady establishments and picking fights with shady individuals; wherever possible, several times her size.

The first page sees her walk into a bar, as the story goes. More pages and further detail / ink to follow.

More about me

My intention is to write and illustrate comics, with the hope of one day ridding myself of the violent (and often highly cinematic) visions that clog my head. Inshallah, this will be a painless process and no bloodshed will be required.
My interests include graphic novels, Science Fiction, Subversive art appreciation, Queen street hipster spotting, music and film, cooking, T-shirt design, post apocalyptic first person shooter role playing games, and my future punk band project HCFM,  and its sister band GURNEY HALLECK AND THE DUNCAN IDAHOS, an acoustic/synth fremen band, covering mostly classic rock and late seventies Atredies power ballads.

  My philosophical beliefs are lapsed existentialist/apocalypticist, with leanings towards relaxed empiricism. (or noncommittal, stoned logical positivism)

  My political beliefs are (while somewhat bogged down by 21st century apathy) somewhat liberal, and can be summed up by describing a socialist state with free government support services financed by the super wealthy and the few remaining mega corporations, amid a completely demilitarized pacifistic world where all cultures cooperate for their own mutual benefit/betterment and exploration of the universe and their own inner mindscapes.
Please support my radical fringe movement : SPACE ELEVATOR NOW

  I am a student at Max the Mutt in Toronto. It is a school named after a dog where nerds mainly talk about marvel vs DC.

  I live alone, with my cat Shanti, 2 macs and my lovely partner who shall remain nameless, Julie.

  I posses a small statue of the tall man from the Phantasm films.

  I am currently looking for a model of the OCP security concepts ED-209, ideally 1/9 or 1/10 scale. If you have one, contact me.

It Begins....

Let this be a chronological (when possible) catalogue of my work as it develops, for the purpose of introspection, ego, and whenever possible, blatant self promotion. Let it also detail my inner thoughts and publicly list my plans and intentions, so that after the inevitable occurs, the police can reconstruct my final hours. Full manifesto to follow, as soon as I can get access to more psychotropic substances.