Saturday, November 13, 2010

Kate as child soldier

Here is another possible cover for an issue, in pencils.
Depicted is Kate as a young girl (age 12-13) in her Wex juvenile armor, her small rifle bolted to her back. Her armor is her cage, worn for days on end, with perhaps a few hours of escape a week. It is covered in the blood, sweat, tears, urine, vomit and feces of an entire platoon of child soldiers with whom she fights, and has an explosive collar to deter dissent or desertion. The long shadow she casts is of her future self, decades older and infinitely wiser an braver. Idea blatantly stolen from star wars ep. 1 poster

K+C cover - Orbcity

This is a cover for a potential Issue. I toyed with "Tales from Archban", but in the end. "tales from a grey earth" just seemed to fit.
This was traced over the original and inked in marker.
Here is the original in light blue. Im going to take this one in another direction, with more detail and different tone, as soon as I get around to it.

Kate stands watch over the city of Cadfael North, with DMR and hockey bag of goodies. Caillo sits idly and rolls a Joint, with her rifle by her side. Kate = Business,  Caillo = lazy. The orb looks unfortunately like a moon hovering over the city.  In actuality it is a giant, defunct energy transfer node, or some such shit. Whatever. Now its just a huge ball that threatens to roll off and crush the city built under it that saps energy from its old, silent, long running power core.