Monday, May 9, 2011

Aerial Battle

Looking for a better name... tentatively called battle at Moritz.
Another digital piece, a labor of love (and time) in terms of fine detail.

Pictured is a midsize multi-role stealth fighter firing some kind of high maneuver missile, probably with some kind of armor penetrating time delay high explosive tip. Its shooting at a Wex Me-heavy attack carrier airship, employing a form of digital camo somewhat based on old school dazzler camo, but using a dynamic color change skin and moving fluid pattern/shapes on the surface that help to fool the optical targeting sensors of the missile. The surface of the hull becomes a moving canvas, and optical patterns projected onto the skin coalesce and form solids that give the missile something to lock onto. At the appropriate time, they jiggle about and shift, then at the last second slide off the side,  hopefully spoofing the electronic eye and forcing the missile off course before it can correct and connect. It probbaly works only a fifth of the time at best, and is probably best used in conjunction with various other forms of thermal/radar spoofing,  laser and ballistic countermeasures, and additional electronic countermeasures like masers, radar buoy decoys, possibly even high density hull-secreted quick set foam or some other type of reactive/ablative armor.

in future will redo contour line of airship, and as time goes by I will go in and add more/finer detail to the  half-bombed city underneath, maybe in time adding distinct feature to each building and car.


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